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Cooling Bamboo & Herb body mist
Pain relief spray for body ache and reliefs itchiness with its cooling scent and feel, also ideal for fly bites such as Mosquitos.
Clarysage and Ylangylang Body Wash
Body wash composed of Ylangylang oil, Sage essentials, Kiwi fruit and green tea extracts. The Ylangylang oil is suitable for all skin types whilst the sage oil performs as a moisture balance and regulates sebum secretion. The mix of Kiwi fruit extracts (rich in Vitamin C) and green tea extracts improve skin conditions such as pigmentation.
Clarysage and Ylanglyang Body Lotion
This body lotion is high in Canola and Jojoba oil that control the balance of water and oil in the body. It also has Shea butter that functions as a moisturizing component as well as Ylangylang oil and sage essence, which serve to relieve skin stress and pressure.
Natural Citrus Facial Forming Cleanser
Face wash containing lemon, lavender, Bixa Orellana and Seed essential oils. This aromatherapy cleanser removes makeup and skin wastes as well as relieving skin stress.
Hair Care
The natural hair shampoo and conditioner contains extractions of 11 kinds of plants that provide nutrition that both moisturize and provide strength to the hair as well as lavender oil and rosemary oils. Completely free of chemical scents.