All the soaps are unique in their own way but have a basic formula of natural ingredients such as: Olive oil – moisturizing / Castor oil – foaming effect and moisturizing / Rice bran oil – Vitamin E and essential amino acid / Evening Primrose oil – skin sedative and eliminates pimples and other skin troubles / Avocado oil – Vitamin A and nutritious, skin recovery / Grapeseed oil – vitamins, minerals, natural preservative and anti skin aging / Jojoba oil – moisturizing and antioxidant / Vitamin E – natural antiseptic / Camellia oil – skin sedative and anti-pimple function / Apricot kernel oil – moisturizing

Advantages of using natural soap: no irritation on skin as it does not contain any synthetic chemistry, environmentally friendly and has the effect of aromatherapy.

Green Soap
(orange sweet oil, patchouli oil and wheat grass juice)
Atopic or Allergy
Sensitive skin
Skin renewal
Red Soap
(tea tree oil, grapefruit oil, rose oil, rose powder)
Troubled skin
Blue Soap
(lavender oil and palma rosa oil)
Sensitive skin, suitable for babies and infants. Hypoallergic.

Brown Soap
(Hounttuynia Cordata, Bergamot oil and Frankincense oil)
Moisturizing troubled skin
White Soap
(Pearl powder, Frankincense oil and Rosemary oil)
Anti-aging and whitening

Black Soap
(Charcoal, Chamomile oil, Eucalyptus oil)
Deep cleansing and skin elasticity

Yellow Soap
(Lemon, Bergamot oil and Frankincense oil)
Moisturizing troubled skin
Orange Soap
(Paprika and Vitamin C)
Reliefs skin troubles and pimple proof